Pets Fly as “Pawsengers” Not Cargo with Pet Airways

December 15, 2010

Pet Airways has created a new niche in the airline industry by creating a pet only airline.  With Pet Airways pets aren’t treated as cargo or packages, they are treated as Pawsengers and fly with no cargo hold, no tarmac delays and no human passengers. According to the Department of Transportation 154 pets died, 63 were injured and 38 lost through August 2010.   Pet Airways might just be a good idea for flying your pets.

The Pet Airways travel experience is one that will put both you and your pet at ease.  Throughout the process pets are monitored to ensure that they have had a potty break less than 2 hours before departure and once on the flight they are monitored by a Pet Attendant every 15 minutes to ensure safety and comfort.  Pet Airways allows pet owners to fly with comfort knowing that their pets aren’t being tossed around with the rest of their cargo.

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