Pet-Proof Your Plants!

March 24, 2011

Spring is here! When you’re planting your garden, make sure you keep your pet’s health and safety in mind to ensure that this sunny season is fun for your whole family. Here are a few things to think about this spring to keep your dog or cat happy and healthy.

Research the plants you’re thinking about including in your yard to make sure they aren’t toxic to your pet. Some common plants that are poisonous to cats and dogs include azalea, rhododendron and sago palm.

If you choose to use pesticides in your yard, make sure you store them out of reach of prying paws and curious little noses. Some of the most toxic pesticides include rat poison, fly bait containing methomyl and snail bait with metaldehyde. When you’re using these products on your plants, take care to keep your pet away from areas in the yard where they might ingest or be exposed to poisons.

Your dog might want to play in the grass, but take care that Fido doesn’t get exposed to potentially toxic lawn products. Cocoa mulch, a byproduct of chocolate, can be particularly dangerous to your dog. The sweet, chocolaty smell attracts your dog but cocoa mulch can cause serious health problems if consumed in large quantities.

Finally, make sure your garden tools are stored in a safe place, such as a locked shed. Rakes, sharp shovels and other garden tools could seriously injure your cat or dog if you leave them lying around. Make safety your first priority and you and your pet will be sure to enjoy a beautiful Spring season together.

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