November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

November 10, 2010

Cancer, the deadly disease we all know too well, is not only prevalent in humans but threatens the lives of our beloved pets as well. Many pet owners do not realize that cancer is just as likely to affect their furry companions as it is their friends and family members. Even more surprising is the costliness of treating this horrid disease in pets.  For such reasons, November marks National Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

The most common cancers identified in animals include but are not limited to Lymphosarcoma, bone cancer, and cancer of the eyelid. It is extremely important for pet owners to pay attention to any lumps, changes in behavior, and unusual weight loss in their pets, as one or more of these symptoms could be an early indication of cancer.

It is frightening to think that a creature that has such a short life span to begin with can be burdened with such a nasty disease. Yet however frightening it may seem, cancer in pets is a harsh reality that requires attention. National Pet Cancer Awareness Month aims to turn this negative into something positive by educating pet owners and raising money to help discover a cure.

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