Not So Sweet – Holiday Treats

November 23, 2010

 The holiday season is right around the corner and it’s extremely important to remember there are a number of foods we should not share with our faithful four-legged friends. These foods may be devilishly delicious, but they can have a negative effect on our pet’s health. Take a look at the list of foods below and think twice before passing the plate to your pet:

 Alcoholic Beverages: Stick to water this holiday season. Alcohol can cause severe intoxication, coma and death

  • Baby food: Some baby food contains onion powder, which can be very toxic to dogs
  • Fish bones, poultry bones & other meats: Fish and poultry bones can cause obstruction or laceration of the digestive system
  • Chocolate, coffee & caffeine: Your pets do not need the caffeine high. Caffeine can be very toxic and have harmful affect on the heart and nervous system
  • Fat trimmings: Fat trimmings aren’t healthy for you or pet, so be sure to cut off all the fat before sharing scraps with your pet. If not, you may be putting your pet at risk for developing pancreatitis
  • Grapes, raisins & macadamia nuts: These simple snacks can cause kidney disease and have negative health risks on the digestive and nervous system
  • Milk & other dairy products: Believe it or not, many dogs and cats are lactose-intolerant and have a difficult time breaking down the enzyme lactase
  • Mushrooms, onion & garlic: Mushrooms contain toxins that may affect multiple systems in the body as well as cause shock or even death. Onion and garlic can damage red blood cells and cause anemia
  • Too many table scraps: Keep your pet healthy, strong and slim by keeping your pet away from table scraps.

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