Natural Instincts: What to Do When Your Cat Catches a Bird

November 19, 2010

By law of nature, cats are natural predators and birds serve as their prey.  To your cat, dropping a bird at your feet is the greatest gift they can give, but what do you do if their victim is still alive?

If your cat drops a bird at your feet that appears to be alive and kicking don’t be deceived.  A bird may appear fine at first but often times will die after 24 hours of your cats attack.  The bird ultimately will die of a bacterial infection caused by your cat’s saliva.

Despite how the bird may act or appear, it should be treated for external and internal injuries.  If you decide to rehabilitate a bird yourself you should still take it to a veterinarian for proper antibiotic treatment.  If rehabilitating a wild bird is not for you, there are many wildlife rehabilitators who would be more than happy to nurse your bird back to health.  For more information on finding a wildlife rehabilitator or for more information on rehabilitating an animal yourself you can visit Rainbow Wildlife Rescue.

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