Go Fetch!

December 7, 2010

Many dog owners take outstanding care of man’s best friend. They purchase the best food and spend hours walking, grooming and playing with their dog. However, many dog owners look at training their dog as a luxury, one that is often too expensive. This attitude is unfortunate because it deprives many people and dogs of the opportunity to enjoy their relationship to the fullest. Training your dog can help you to better manage and prevent a variety of behavioral problems. Training also gives you an incredible amount of insight into the way your dog’s mind works.

Training your dog can be free or cheap. There are lots of great resources on the internet, especially on youtube, that can teach you how to train your dog using positive reinforcement. Check out your local library for books on training your dog and canine behavior. When there is no price on this knowledge, there is no excuse not to use it! If you have the budget for it, look into obedience classes or, for those with bigger budgets, private sessions with a trainer. Make sure you see a trainer who does not use intimidation, punishment and fear. Your dog will thrive if you train him to respond to positive reinforcement!

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