Electronic Mice for Kitty?

January 14, 2011

An interesting fact of the day, ipad now has apps for your cat!   There are several different games out there.  They are designed to keep your kitty stimulated and of course, up to date with the newest tech trends.  Nate Murray, one of the creators of the app, is confident this app will succeed, “We think it’s a first in competitive video gaming for animals.”

So what would an app for cat look like?  There are several to choose from but most of them are the same concept; something moves across the screen like a mouse or a dot.  Obvious flaws that may occur with such an app include a scratched screen or a dropped ipad.  Another thing to watch out for is that some apps don’t require a password to approve a purchase of an upgraded app, once you are within the game.  Despite these shortcomings, your cat is sure to be entertained by all the wonderful electronic mice.  Most of them are free so it may be worth a try!

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