A Breath of Fresh Air

December 2, 2010

Being out in nature, going for long walks and sitting around a campfire with the ones you love is a great way to unwind and create lasting memories for years to come. Have you ever wished you could share the joy and freedom of camping with your canine family members too? You and your pup can easily enjoy the great outdoors together. Check with your campsite to see if they allow dogs, pack some extra supplies for your pet and hit the trail. Remember, when you go on your camping trip, always keep an eye on your dog. Don’t let him run wild in the woods!

Running around in the fresh air, your dog will burn about twice as many calories as he normally does. Bring lots of extra food and treats to keep your pooch going strong. Remember to always keep your food secured away from hungry bears and other wild animals. You may want a longer leash for your dog at the campsite than you would use in the city. Additionally, pack a first aid kit for your dog. You will want to bring a liquid bandage product, a wrap bandage like Vetrap bandages to stop bleeding in case your dog breaks a toenail. If your dog is not used to walking in rough terrains, you may even want to purchase some booties to protect his paws. If you wouldn’t want to run around barefoot in the woods, chances are your dog wouldn’t like to either.

When you settle down in your tent at night, try to get your dog to come inside to sleep with you. You may want to practice a little tent-time in your yard at home to see how your dog responds to the idea of going inside a tent. To keep your dog out of your sleeping bag, bring along a bed or blanket for him to sleep on. Just like at home, always keep plenty of fresh water out for your dog. Hopefully you and your dog can follow these tips and safely enjoy camping together for many years to come! Do you camp with your dog? Share your tips and stories in the comments!

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